This assignment asked us to use the skills we had learnt in class to create a music video. We were lucky enough to be contacted by Savannah Clarke who was looking to create a video for her upcoming agency interviews.

As a team, Brooke, German and myself worked together to come up with a creative idea, produce the video and edit the footage. Due to the short time period, we had a total of one week to prepare for the shoot, one day to shoot the footage and three days to edit.

This was an incredibly challenging task, however, considering the time and experience we had, i am very proud of the work we have produced.


As a part of our Audio Storytelling unit, we were asked to conduct a podcast with one of our fellow classmates on a subject of their choice. As an ice cream fan, i was thrilled to learn that Maddie wanted to talk about Connoisseur ice cream.

When planning what specifics we wanted to talk about, Maddie and i came up with some creative angles, but many of them we could not perform in time. The taste test and “fan call” were both ideas that i was excited for. I had so much fun making my podcast and was happy with the result. With more time, i would have included more sound effects with a better flow between conversations.


The aim of the assignment was to create a new campaign for an existing brand. It couldn’t be anything they have done before, but had to uphold the brand’s values. I created the campaign “Walk Together” for Johnnie Walker. This campaign was designed to create awareness surrounding the issue of gender inequality in the workforce. It presented Johnnie Walker’s support for equal pay.

Within this campaign i ensured that the was promoting their values of power, prestige and confidence, however targeted towards women. Women too can “keep walking” and strive for success. These values shared amongst both male and female parties creates a much stronger message, not only encouraging women to “Keep Walking”, but encouraging men and women to “Walk Together”.

The logo redesign was simple but effective. The female silhouette was strategically placed walking in front of the male. She is being empowered, showing strength and moving forward.

Johnnie Walker


Brian Lee, owner of BJL consultancy met with our digital design group to discuss the rebranding of his business. The task involved creating a new logo, website and social campaign.

I found this task challenging as i wasn’t familiar with the business and felt i needed a better insight into the target audience. The logo design was to represent the reality that security isn’t a simple task, but it can be organised. The campaign “Everyone has Risk” was very visual based. The images represent a man of business and superiority walking a tight rope, as no matter what career position you are in, there can still be security risks you aren’t capable of controlling.

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 9.14.27 AM

Scene 10.jpg

Scene 9 copy.jpg


Levi’s campaign “Slip into your Comfort Zone” was created to promote a new product “The Universal Comfort Zone” jean. The pair of jeans were designed to address the issue of “comfort” in regards to denim jeans.

When researching the brand Levi as well as the average sales of denim jeans, analysis revealed that the main marketing problem was the lack of comfortable products available. The current fashionable style for jeans is low waisted, tight fi tting, “slimming” products that are only suited to a niche target audience. Women do not feel confi dent in these styles, and men associate this style as “Hipster”.

The creative approach for this campaign was to prove that this product is comfortable by testing the product on a range of individuals with different interests. The print advertisement depicts fi ve varied characters including a singer, ballet dance, model, football player and musician. The idea was to prove the new pair of jeans can be worn comfortably in any situation.

Photoshopping the jeans onto these individuals was tricky!





Following on from the digital and copywriting assessment, i wrote and produced a radio advertisement for the new Levi jean product.

The script explains the idea of comfort in any situation. The original vision was to have Chris Hemsworth as the voice of the commercial- unfortunately, he was busy on recording day. I was lucky enough to have a professional recording artist and producer help turn my script into an actual radio production.

We decided with the new voice type we would attempt to turn in the ad into a Country Western style.

Check it out and see what you think!

*Note: The assessment required the ad to be no longer than 45seconds. Had i been given the opportunity, i would have included longer pauses in particular sections of the script, syncing closely with the beat of the song to provide a more dramatic result.


“Start with Vegemite” is a successful campaign run by Kraft that encourages everyone to kick start their day with vegemite. This task was to promote Vegemite as a quick, easy and nutritious food for young children’s (6yrs to 12yrs) school lunches. Using photoshop, i was to create an A4 print advertisement that would target school children and encourage them to want to eat vegemite products. The advertisement had to include 2 original photos and involve deep etching.

I created a superhero theme, retitling the product as “Vitamite” and using the positive effects of Vitamin B as super powers. This ad was designed to be fun, bright and engaging for young children.



This project involved creating a full campaign for the social dating app “Tinder”.

The role of advertising for this campaign was to create an even target audience for the application, specifically increasing the female ratio of consumers downloading the app. To do this, the campaign has to depict the idea of “finding the man of your dreams” and building self confidence through matches.

The target market is single Australian female’s, aged 18-30. These females have the social attitude of “Boys are a waste of time” when amongst their friends, but are open to the idea of online dating and simply need further convincing.

The second role of advertising is to ensure consumers are aware of the easy use. The target will be drawn to the basic “swipe” options, ensuring they can choose who they would like to match with, without the opposing consumer being aware of their choice. The creative solution is to create a romantic and desirable example of a tinder date. Depicting the easy use, the cute guy and the perfect date.

This campaign was presented across multiple media platforms, including a print advertisement, web banner and a video commercial.




Video production taught us the importance of lighting, angles, composition, structure and shape. The amount of thought that goes into filming was something that had not sunk in for me prior to this class. Learning all the secret tips and tricks of the trade was exciting and truly impressive.

This assignment was designed to show what we had learnt. My video was shot on an iPhone and put together on the program premiere. It is not a professional clip (far from it) but it does display the techniques learnt including lighting, camera movement, camera angles and perspective, emotive music, suspense build and character positioning.

The creative idea was to have the consumer feel anxious and nervous about what is happening. There is no initial reveal, leaving the consumer questioning what the advertisement is about. This suspenseful beginning draws the viewer in, grabs their attention and ensures they watch the clip right until the end.

The reveal shows that the ad is simply about a man waiting for his soup to warm up. It is light humour, playing on the idea that a hungry person becomes anxious when waiting for food to be prepared. Hence, the tag line “feeding your anxiety”.


Pacific Artisan is a social enterprise that supports women artisans in the Oceania region to increase their economic empowerment. The company sells ethically sourced, hand-made products, whilst educating customers of the women’s current situation and supporting them to help build a better future.

The task was to design a mixed-media campaign to advertise the brand Pacific Artisan. The client informed us that the focus of the campaign should not be a sad, charitable story but instead an inspirational empowerment of women.

The campaign i produced focused on encouraging women to “show their true colours” and express themselves through the products they buy. This campaign encourages confidence, strength and beauty. Not only will the customer feel good about how they look on the outside, but they will also have the opportunity to help empower women around the world.




SeaWorld resort and Water Park is a popular Australian resort in the gold coast which is connected to the famous theme park, Sea World. Throughout the year, this resort has no shortage of customers coming in and out whilst visiting the sights of the Gold Coast. However, this task was to advertise the resort over the Christmas period.

I chose to take a cheeky twist to this campaign by using humour in my outdoor advertisements. The image displays the idea that a standard christmas family get together is a boring story to tell, and that recounting your adventures at SeaWorld resort and Water park is a far more entertaining recount.

christmas dinner


“Break up with the Cup” was a campaign designed to encourage consumers to stop using paper coffee cups and to purchase a stainless steel mug from Presse. This campaign was based on research detailing the effects of paper cups on the environment and the simplicity of making the switch.

While struggling to come up with a creative idea initially, i was very happy with the final results of this campaign.